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Bend & Stackable Coco Coir Pole for Plant Support

25″ Measurements: 0.8in Diameter x 18in height (8in metal stake height) 32″ Measurements: 0.8in Diameter x 24in height (8in metal stake height) 40″ Measurements: 0.8in Diameter x 32in height (8in metal stake height)

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This plant support can be used to train climbing plants and vines while maintaining moisture for aerial roots absorption. Made from natural and biodegradable coconut husk, the bendable coco coir pole is safe and sturdy for indoor climbing plants and vines. Ideal for Monsteras using as a trellis or training material such as Rubber Tree Tress, Rubber Willow Treetops, Rubber Vine Treads and more.


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